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We specialise in natural treats...

... because we believe that a healthy dog is a happy dog. All of our Snoot Box branded treats are free from:
✔ Gluten ✔ Grain ✔ Dairy ✔ Soya ✔ Wheat
✔ artificial colours, flavours, additives and preservatives
so they're suitable for the most sensitive of tums. Our treats have just been verified as safe from 8 weeks, so your dog can enjoy our natural treats from puppyhood right through to old age.

... but that's not all we do.

Snoot Box is proud to be the most versatile subscription box service in the UK. Personalisation options include:
🐾 Price 🐾Frequency 🐾Contents 🐾 Toughness
🐾Duplicates 🐾 Product sources
to make sure that you'll only receive items you and your dog(s) will love.

Don't forget you can order almost all of our box contents in our shop, for when you know exactly what your dog needs.

Where Can I get Snoot Box Treats?

A small selection of retailers on the Isle of Wight have been approved to sell our natural treats. Find them on our map now so you can pick a pack up while you're out and about.

We also attend festivals and events all over the Isle of Wight with our sandpit treasure hunt games, where your pup can choose their own prize from our selection of natural treat trial packs.

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