How does Snoot Box work?

Choose your box price, regularity and contents
From just £5
Fill out your dog(s) profile
Including chew strength and allergies 50%
We put together the perfect box for you
Every box is paw-picked here in the UK 75%
Let us know what your dog did and didn't like
So we can do even better next time 100%

How does snoot box work?

What can I customise?

Our boxes start from just £5, and go as high as you like!
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Treat Types
Only like to give your dog natural treats? Can't stand handling pigs ears and chicken feet? No problem!
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Want two of each treat so each of your dogs can have one? Sure!
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Product Sources
Only want products that support small businesses? We can do that!
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You tell us how often you want a box- whether it be weekly, monthly, every other month, or even just a one off.
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Box Contents
You can even choose what types of items you want in your box!
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