Company Owner
/Treato Provider

Hi, I’m Sam, and I own and run Snoot Box, alongside my dog walking business Walk, Care, Love.

I started Snoot Box because I couldn’t find a subscription box that suited my needs- they were either too expensive, not flexible enough, or Bodie destroyed the toys in no time at all! I thoughT there should be a completely flexible option that decided what to put in a box based on who it was for, rather than assuming one size fits all.

Chief Treato Inspector

Woof, woof, bark, bowow!


 Hi, I’m Bodie! I help my mum make sure that all the treatos that go into Snoot Boxes are 100% yum!

I’m 62.5% Husky, 32.5% Pomeranian, and 100% sass! I’m also a tough chewer, so most subscription boxes aren’t suitable for me, but they are for my gentle sister, so my mum needed a mixture of soft and tough toys.

bodie down cropped

Deputy Treato Inspector

Bork, yap, grr!


Hey there, I’m Angel, and I’m the princess of the family. I’m half pom, half husky, and my main job is to keep Bodie from eating all the treatos before they can get to your hungry pups!

I have a sensitive stomach, so I can’t have most other subscription boxes because they don’t allow you to exclude treats.

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