Monthly Snoot Box Subscription

Suggested price: £20.00

Minimum price: £5.00 every month



The one and only Snoot Box!

Once you’ve checked out we’ll pack up your first box and ship it out as soon as we can, and you’ll get a new exciting surprise every month! You can use the options above to customise what you’ll get in each of your boxes- if you change your mind in the future, just pop us a message and we’ll update your account so your box will be exactly what you’d like every time.

A few days after you receive each of your boxes you’ll get an email from us asking for your feedback, which we’ll use to make your next box even better!

If you’ve been here before, don’t forget to check your dog’s profile is up to date before ordering, so we can match the perfect box up to your perfect pooch!

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Weekly Subscription

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Bi-Weekly Subscription

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Monthly Subscription

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Bi-Monthly Subscription

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