Our Complete Food Recommendations

Complete Dog Food Recommendations

Here at Snoot Box we specialise in natural treats instead of complete meals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you if you’re struggling to find the healthiest option to feed your dog.

Choosing a food has become a bit of a mine field, with so many options available in so many different forms, so we’ve gathered together our top three complete foods to help you narrow down your options. We’ll dive into why we’ve chosen each individual brand below, but every single one is a brand and product that we feed our own dogs, so you know our recommendation is based on real product experience and love, rather than just a paid advert.

Our #1 Recommendation – Bella and Duke Raw Food

(Bodie’s Favourite Dinner)

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What are the benefits of raw food, and why do we recommend feeding it to your dog?

  • Fresh, raw pet food is positively packed with nutrients, with far fewer fillers than traditional pet food, which leads to happier tums and more pleasant poos
  • Kibble/Dry food legally only requires a minimum of 4% meat, whereas Bella and Duke guarantees a minimum of 80%, which is tastier for your dog, but also much better for their bodies
  • Bella and Duke raw food is RawSAFE which means that it has been vigorously tested to ensure that it meets safety standards, is 100% traceable and undergoes rigorous bacteria testing so you can be sure that there are no health risks to worry about

Personally, our household loves Bella and Duke purely because of the effect it has on our dogs. Within the first two weeks of feeding it to both of our Pomskies, we noticed smaller, less smelly poos, glossier coats and more energy from both of our dogs. The wide range of flavours meant that we could keep the pickier puppy interested in her dinner, and the versatile options for feeding it meant our fast eater was forced to slow down too. Between popping it on Licki Mats, stuffing it into Kongs, and putting it into maze bowls, every mealtime became a mental challenge rather than a competition to see if he could gulp it down in less than thirty seconds!

Our #2 Recommendation – Butternut Box

(Angel’s Favourite Dinner)

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First, the facts:

  • Butternut box is not only convenient to feed thanks to their subscription service and portion size pouches, it’s also extremely nutritionally beneficial
  • All of their meals are cooked gently to aid in better digestion and reduce upset stomachs
  • A lot of their customers report healthier and shinier coats and better skin
  • They include NO preservatives, chemicals, additives or flavourings, which can help with behavioural problems

Butternut Box has ended up as the most commonly fed food in our house. By this point, we probably don’t have to tell you that Angel is a picky eater, but just in case you hadn’t got the memo so far: Angel is a VERY picky eater. Until we discovered BB, we were changing food roughly once a month because she just got bored of it! As you can imagine, that got expensive fast, and meant that we weren’t always able to feed her the most nutritious food, because she would just turn her nose up at it once she was bored of it and we’d have to move on to whatever we could get her to eat.

Enter: Butternut Box. With twelve different delicious flavours, and ever evolving ones at that, Angel always had a different flavour or combination to try, and almost two years later, we still get spins and excited barks at every single meal time – quite the surprise after years of reluctant eating and having to lure her into the feeding room with treats!

Our #3 Recommendation – Tails Dry and Wet Food

(Our Bank Account’s Favourite Dinner)

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The basics of why Tails dog food is so widely loved:

  • It is 100% tailor made to suit your dog, so no two bags are the same
  • They don’t add any sugar, artificial colours or artificial flavours
  • They keep you up to date with any recommended changes to portion size or ingredients

Tails food is definitely our most purse-friendly option, and it’s what we feed (often in combination with the above) when money’s a little tighter than usual. Thanks to the versatility of their ordering system, we can swap between using wet and dry food, feeding purely dry food, and ordering smaller amounts of dried food to supplement their preferred foods, which makes it perfect for making those more expensive brands stretch just a little bit further.